Xcmg Hydraulic Pump

Xcmg Hydraulic Pump

Xcmg Hydraulic Pump

Xcmg Hydraulic Pump .jpg

We offer all working pumps and XCMG Hydraulic Pumps for XCMG wheel loader. All these pumps are original matched with the wheel loader. And we assure all products are auto original factory.

This pump is used in xcmg loader.

Our products including :

XCMG: CBG2100,CBG2080, CBGJ3100, CBGJ2080, CBGJ3100/10-XF, CBGJ2080/1010-XF, CBZ2100, CBJ2100, CBJ3100, CBJ280, CBJ2100, CBJ3100/10, CBGJ2063/1016, CBGJ0032/0010-XF, JHP3160, CBCJ2080/1016, JHP2080, CBGJ2063B, CBGJ2063B, CBGJ3100/1010C-XF, CBCJ2080B, CBGJ1045/1032, CBGJ2080H, CBGJ2100H, JHP3160H, CBGJ3080/1016, CBGJ2063C, JHP2100, CBGJ3125.