W066900000-B hydraulic gear pump

W066900000-B hydraulic gear pump for SEM650B

W066900000-B hydraulic gear pump for SEM650B

The following are some XCMG brand spare parts we are supplying: 

XCMG 460 tooth guard

XCMG 460 tooth guard (spare part)

XCMG vol460a gear seat

XCMG vol460a gear seat (spare parts)

XCMG 5856-u45 gear seat

XCMG 5856-u45x gear seat

XCMG 3888-u45 gear seat

XCMG 10759587 tooth guard

XCMG 10759587 tooth guard (special for spare parts)

XCMG voe460b gear sleeve

XCMG voe460b gear sleeve (spare part)

XCMG u45s gear sleeve assembly

XCMG u45h gear sleeve assembly

XCMG u45c gear sleeve assembly

XCMG u45p gear sleeve assembly

XCMG XE470C. 02.3 stick (yellow)

XCMG xe470c stick assembly < standard configuration >

XCMG XE470C. 02.3 II stick (yellow)

XCMG XE470C. 02.3 II stick assembly (spare parts) < optional >

XCMG XE470C. 15 identification

XCMG XE470C. 15C identification

XCMG XE470C. 15-1 model mark

XCMG WT041. 01240 thickened flat washer

XCMG WT040. 00825 thickened large washer

XCMG WT041. 01030 thickened flat washer

XCMG XE450. 11.6.1b right front side door (yellow)

XCMG WT040. 01240 thickened large washer

XCMG XE450. 11.10.11-6 sponge

XCMG XE450. 11.10.11-3 sponge

XCMG XE450. 11.10.11-4 sponge

XCMG XE450. 11.10.11-5 sponge

XCMG XE450. 11.10.9-1b sponge

XCMG WT040. 01030 thickened large washer

XCMG XE450. 11.11a engine hood II (dark gray)

XCMG WT041. 00820 thickened flat washer

XCMG XE450. 11.7.1a right rear side door (yellow)

XCMG XE450. 11.9-2 sponge

XCMG XE450. 11.9-3a sponge

XCMG GB/T70. 1-2008 screw M16 × 40 10.9 (Dacromet)

XCMG GB / t5782-2000 bolt M24 × 160 (10.9 Dacromet)

XCMG 900/9-9/27.5/PAG/6ZL/51/6 × 11 / bc88,9 fan assembly

XCMG XE450. 13.4-5a bolt

XCMG XE450. 13.3-5a sponge

XCMG XE450. 13.3-5b sponge

XCMG XE450. 13.3-13 sponge

XCMG XE450. 13.3-12 sponge

XCMG XE450. 13.3-14 sponge

XCMG XE450. 13.3-6b sponge

XCMG xe4501302ba intake hose B

XCMG 3103697 V-ribbed belt

XCMG 4089998 lower repair package

XCMG 4083113 air inlet heater

XCMG 3400878 charger support handle

XCMG 3820918 wear resistant bearing sleeve

XCMG 4059949 TLA engine piston

XCMG 3103513 fan hub

XCMG 4923644 oil seal

XCMG 3893683 intake pipe connector

XCMG 4022841 flexible hose

XCMG XE450. 16.2 flange assembly

XCMG ql01d114122 clamp

XCMG XE450. 12.2-2 oil suction hose

XCMG F791TC6N6N202020-1500-H180-H0-K180-V115°

XCMG F791TC6N6N202020-1670-H180-H0-K180-V103°

XCMG GB/T70. 1-2008 screw M10 × 100 10.9 (Dacromet)

XCMG 210432 T-type hoop φ 92(+2.4mm-5.6mm)

XCMG XE450. 12.2-4 oil return hose

XCMG XE450. 12.2-5 oil return hose

XCMG GB/T70. 1-2008 screw M12 × 70 10.9 (Dacromet)

XCMG XE450. 12.2-3 oil return hose

XCMG XE450. 12.2.24-1 support (dark gray)

XCMG f791tc1c252512-410-h0-h155-v0 ° hose assembly

XCMG XE470C3. steel pipe assembly (dark gray)

XCMG f791tc6n17201616-1500-h130-0 ° - PG hose assembly

XCMG f791tc6n17201616-1760-h130-0 ° - PG hose assembly

XCMG f791tc6n17201616-1700-h130-0 ° - PG hose assembly

XCMG f791tc6n17201616-1650-h130-0 ° - PG hose assembly

XCMG pag2-005 air filter

XCMG 2902440-3244a gear pump

XCMG pnup309et cylindrical roller bearing

XCMG pcpp170v O-ring

XCMG oorbp8w O-ring

XCMG oorbp24w O-ring

XCMG psssm2035 hex socket set screw

XCMG 2953802448 cylinder block

XCMG pcpp165w O-ring

XCMG 2904710-0706 oil distribution pan (L)

XCMG paj503806 needle roller bearing

XCMG oorbp11w O-ring

XCMG ovp14 plug

XCMG 2924710-0705 oil distribution pan (R)

XCMG 2953801868 hexagon socket bolt

XCMG ptcv55dlv oil seal

XCMG vz33140-0448 slide valve cover

XCMG vz03320-1938 traveling valve element assembly

XCMG 5290216-0598boom spool assembly

Order Notice 

Following information are required to ensure you are ordering right wheel loader spare parts.

1. Your Wheel Loader Model Number

2. Your Wheel Loader Chassis Number

3. All above can be found on the wheel loader name plate and correct wheel loader parts will 

be guaranteed only if with these information provided.

However, if info required above are missing, kindly provide us the photos and nameplate of your loader,

 it also works. We can provide you the right parts as well.


Spare parts showed are for illustration, so please kindly contact us for parts ordering.





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LG6016, LG6060D, LG6075, LG6225E, LG6365E, etc.


L36-C3, L53-C3, L58-C3, L66-C3, etc.

SE60-9, SE75-9, SE135-9, SE470LG-9, etc.


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