W058000020 lifting cylinder seal kit

W058000020 lifting cylinder seal kit for SEM656D

W058000020 lifting cylinder seal kit for SEM656D

We also supply the following Liugong wheel loader spare parts:

The Liugong part number are as following: 

ZF. 0730107583 Tab washer

ZF. 0750117200 roller bearing 

ZF. 0750117336 roller bearing 

ZF. four billion four hundred and seventy-four million three hundred and five thousand and eleven End pad

ZF. four billion four hundred and seventy-four million three hundred and five thousand three hundred and sixteen Friction plate support

ZF. four billion four hundred and seventy-four million three hundred and five thousand three hundred and seventy-six Sun axle

ZF. four billion six hundred and forty-four million two hundred and thirty-one thousand and eighty-six Oil dipstick

six billion nine million fifty-four thousand six hundred and thirty-one controller

04A0877 Input flange

06c0032 High pressure hose

06C0033 High pressure hose

06C0035 High pressure hose

06C0589 Diesel pipe

08C1623 Rear frame harness

11C0014 Gear pump

13B0162 Dust ring

13C0189 Brake cylinder

13D0038X1 Cylinder block assembly

13D0049 Cylinder block

13d0051 Cylinder block assembly

14D0011 piston rod; Weldment

32A0194 Rubber hose

32B0093 Right rear small lamp

32B0094 Left rear small lamp

34C0020 Grid circle

34C0022 Lattice circle; GSF1800-01

37B0059 control unit 

4474305230H hub

45C0162 Brake valve block

46C0110 compressor

50C0116 6CT8. 3 silencer

53C0131 filter

54A0097 Cylinder head; HT250

56A0088 Compression plate

57A0808 Adjusting washer

C3973458 High pressure oil pipe

SP100018 Washer

Sp100028 Washer

SP100034 Retaining ring

Sp100052 Elastic pin

Sp100053 Elastic pin

SP100093 steel ball

Sp100128 Washer

Sp100129 shim

SP100155 Spacer washer

Sp100164 Adjusting shim

SP100166 Adjusting shim

Sp100183 Adjusting washer

Sp100186 Washer

Sp100226 Needle roller holder

SP100252 Roller bearing

SP100263 roller bearing 

SP100265 roller bearing 

SP100278 Hose

SP100279 Hose

SP100362 Planetary carrier

SP100364 ring

Sp100376 Friction plate support

Sp100392 Washer

Sp100393 Washer

SP100418 Oil dipstick

SP100443 piston

SP100444 piston

SP100445 piston

SP100446 piston

SP100447 piston

SP100448 piston

SP100449 ferrule 

SP100450 piston

SP100453 piston

SP100454 Valve block

SP100456 Valve stem

Sp100463 gear

SP100477 a seal

SP100626 Adjusting washer

SP100640 Adjusting washer

SP103263 Cross shaft

Sp105432 Adjusting shim

SP105858 Valve stem

SP106473 Air filter element

SP106553 Spacer washer

SP107491 Adjusting washer

SP116895 Loader evaporation fan

SP128657 Retaining ring for motor grader hole;

07B0027 Retaining ring; GB894. 1-86; 30; 65Mn

SP106518 Hexagon bolt

12B0379 O-ring gb1235-76; φ thirty × three point one

12B0088 O-ring

15B0085 Double steel wire hoop 20

12B0059 O-ring; GB3452. 1-92; fifty-three × 3.55; YI9424

15B0053 Double steel wire hoop ZB / t32005 1-88; thirty

C3909886 Fuel injector sealing sleeve

C3926722 Rectangular sealing ring

SP100041 Retaining ring

three million nine hundred and one thousand one hundred and seventy-seven Air valve lock block 3901177

SP100073 O-ring

ZF. 0634306523 O-ring

80A0010 Sealing gasket

12B0203 O-ring

35C0013 oil seal

6CT. three million nine hundred and thirty-four thousand eight hundred and sixty-four Connecting rod nut

SP100069 O-ring

Sp100271 Roller

SP100081 O-ring

SP100049 Elastic pin

SP100059 O-ring

60A0009 Washer

76A0003 Washer

35C0003 seal ring

three million nine hundred and seven thousand one hundred and seventy-seven Water barrier

SP106156 Air valve rod oil seal

SP100061 O-ring

35C0012 seal ring

SP100607 Water barrier

SP100197 Retaining ring 0730513610

SP100035 Retaining ring

SP100039 Thrust washer

SP100036 Snap ring 0630501031

Sp100042 Retaining ring for hole 75 * 2.50630502037

SP100614 Water pump sealing ring

SP105628 Air valve conduit

three million nine hundred and twenty-five thousand eight hundred and sixty-three Air valve conduit

SP100436 Thrust washer

SP100080 O-ring

SP100048 Retaining ring 58

SP100398 Guide ring 4642308083

13B0174 YX shaped sealing ring D40; rubber-plastic compound 

35C0004 seal ring

SP107110 Bolt

three million nine hundred and twenty-eight thousand one hundred and seventy-four air valve seat

SP105627 air valve seat

SP105630 air valve seat

three million nine hundred and eight thousand eight hundred and thirty air valve seat

SP100399 Guide ring 4642308084

D3936993 Intercooler gasket

SP100437 Thrust washer 4644303534

three million nine hundred and twenty thousand six hundred and ninety-two Piston pin clamp

SP100298 Tab washer

35C0047 seal ring

SP100406 seal ring

SP100425 a seal

SP100482 Washer

C3991085 Valve spring

C3991085 Valve spring

SP100297 compensation washer 

34C0087 seal ring

SP100426 a seal

6CT. three million nine hundred and twenty-eight thousand eight hundred and seventy Connecting rod bolt

C3928870 Connecting rod bolt

SP105151 a seal

C3929011 Oil cooler seat gasket

6CT. three million nine hundred and five thousand four hundred and forty-nine Valve chamber cover gasket

SP100200 Tension spring

01B0059 Bolt gb5785-86; M22 × two × 120-10.9-Zn. D

SP100712 Crankshaft front oil seal

SP100082 O-ring

C3931623 Tappet body c3931623

SP100708 Connecting rod copper sleeve

C3943199 Camshaft bushing

6CT. three million nine hundred and thirteen thousand nine hundred and ninety Connecting rod copper sleeve

Order Notice 

Following information are required to ensure you are ordering right wheel loader spare parts.

1. Your Wheel Loader Model Number

2. Your Wheel Loader Chassis Number

3. All above can be found on the wheel loader name plate and correct wheel loader parts will 

be guaranteed only if with these information provided.

However, if info required above are missing, kindly provide us the photos and nameplate of your loader,

 it also works. We can provide you the right parts as well.


Spare parts showed are for illustration, so please kindly contact us for parts ordering.





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