Original Sem parts good

Sem919 motor grader has particularly flexible engine and hydraulic performance. The pppc control valve specially designed by caterpillar is adopted to significantly improve the working efficiency. The load sensing hydraulic system provides predictable and accurate movement of machines and tools to improve operation quality and efficiency. And with Original SEM spare parts from Zfita Machinery, we are cnfident to keep working without stoping, and never the grader.

The driver's cab of sem919 motor grader is located on the front frame. It is tall and spacious. There is no problem in standing operation. You can clearly see the positions of traction frame, rotary table and blade, so that the driver can more accurately control the blade position. The front wheel steering can be clearly seen during the folding action to ensure accurate and safe operation. Driving a  SEM grader with sufficent original spare parts, you will never have any worries! 

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